Modified Roofing Membranes Types

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Blog, Flat Roofs

Modified Roofing  Polyglass Membranes

The most effective decision in self-stuck membrane technological innovation, Polyglass patented an modern approach to manufacturing dual compound products called ADESO® Technology. This proprietary manufacturing course of action generates a hostile self-adhesive beneath the reinforcement and utilizes glass fiber or polyester reinforcement, by possessing an APP or SBS modified bitumen compound on top weathering surface. Polyglass designed many appearing remedies (MSS) use numerous exclusive and customized surfaces which are visually-pleasing, skid-resistant, UV-resistant, energy-efficient, non-abrasive and provide lengthy-term roof best publicity talents.

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Polyglass’ ADESO products also boast one of a kind FastLap® and SealLap® lapping systems. These patented lap programs facilitate a brief, tight and fast seal that protects a dry, permanent bond immediately. The self-adhering properties of people special membranes provide an option option to standard odorous glues, sizzling asphalt or gasoline torch applications.

Polyglass also manufactures a multitude of APP and SBS modified asphalt roofing membranes reinforced with polyester and/or fiberglass pad supplying superb tensile strength and dimensional stability. Polyglass roof membrane plies are created to exactly meet your demands.

With in excess of 4 decades of roofing and waterproofing practical experience globally, Polyglass incorporates a roofing option for you personally personally. To discover much more regarding the rewards and advantages in our roofing membranes, please click about the product back links listed.

Polyflex membranes

Polyflex membranes are premium, polyester reinforced APP modified bitumen roofing products exclusively designed for heat-welded applications. Built with premium Atactic Polypropylene resins, and integrating superior polyester reinforcing, Polyflex features an really durable roofing product that’s straightforward to put in and might offer lengthy-term weathering effectiveness. Acquiring a smooth surface and only a polyolefin or sand backing, Polyflex surpasses all minimum ASTM specifications for tensile strength, puncture resistance and versatility. Polyflex membranes may well also be utilised as flashing membranes in most relevant specifications, in compliance with recommended installation practices.

Polyglass APP Base

Polyglass APP Base is definitely an APP modified bitumen roofing membrane base sheet, reinforced possessing a fiberglass pad, saturated and covered acquiring a polymerized asphaltic compound with exceptional waterproofing and weatherability. Polyglass APP Base is specifically produced for use like a base ply or interply layer in robotically connected or heat-welded programs. Polyglass APP Base may perhaps also be made use of like a base sheet for Self-Stuck methods. The bottom and top rated surfaces in the Polyglass APP Base are carried out with poly film.

Elastobase is definitely an SBS modified

Elastobase is certainly an SBS modified bitumen roofing membrane base sheet, reinforced having a fiberglass pad saturated and covered possessing a rubberized asphaltic compound with outstanding waterproofing and weatherability characteristics. Elastobase is especially produced for use like a base ply or interply layer in scorching asphalt, cold-applied, robotically connected and heat-welded plans. Elastobase may possibly also be employed like a base sheet for Self-Stuck techniques when poly film over the prime. Bottom and leading surfaces of Elastobase are provided with both sand/poly, poly/sand, or poly/poly.